Transforming The Way We Work, Live, Play Through Smart Buildings

"Smart Buildings” is a term that has been bandied around everywhere over the past few years but what does it actually mean and how does it impact the built environment? We spoke to 3 companies active in the sector to find out the latest technologies available to improve productivity and comfort in smart buildings.

Ushering A New Era of Construction Possibilities Through Augmented Reality (AR)

Being a labour intensive industry, it is not surprising that the construction industry is one of the least digitised sectors globally. It lags behind other industries in adopting new digital innovations and technology, and as a result, construction labour productivity is often found wanting.

Upcoming Trends To Improve Building Efficiency In Asia

Singapore has committed to reduce its Emissions Intensity (EI) by 36% from 2005 levels by 2030. In order to meet this target, it is paramount to ensure that buildings become more efficient as they account for about one-third of Singapore’s total electricity consumption. 


Field Testing of General Ventilation Air Filters for Particles Removal Efficiency and Pressure Drop

Dr Swapnil Dubey, Senior Research Fellow
Energy Research Institute @ NTU

1. Understanding of how filter users can differentiate manufacturers' claims
2. How to make intelligent decisions as to what products are applicable to meet their needs and indoor air quality level


“Flat” IP Building Automation Networks

Simon Mahoney, VP - Asia Pacific
Easy IO

1. The BAS industry is pivoting to that of IT.
2. Changing demands from buildings require BAS with IP and IoT capabilities


Future Trends and Best Practices for Smart Buildings

Scott Dunn, Vice President, SEA

1. Understanding of what SMART is about
2. Benefits of Green Building Investments
3. Understanding of Singapore Building Landscape


How Molecular Filtration can enhance IAQ and remove odour

Chris Ecob, Global Applications & Solutions Director
Camfil AB

1. Simple and effective methods to remove gases and vapours from the air
2. Consequences and sources of molecular pollutants
3. Selection of molecular filter


Natural Refrigerants – Global Market and Policy Trends

Jan Dusek, Business Development Manager APAC

1. Innovative natural refrigerant solutions penetrating all HVAC&R sectors
2. Case studies


Optimising Energy Efficiency of Central Air Conditioning Systems

Dr Jahangeer K Abdul Halim, Technical Director
LJ Energy Pte Ltd

1. Basic understanding of central air-conditioning system
2. Various components of central air-conditioning system
3. Various optimization techniques for central air-conditioning system


Timber Hybrid Systems for Greener Building Performance

Rainer Strauch, Director
Cree By Rhomberg

1. How to reduce CO2 emission and primary energy consumption with timber hybrid systems
2. How to design for resource saving and low emission building construction 
3. How to create more healthy spaces for building occupants